Yungen Profiled In GQ


“How platinum-selling rapper Yungen went from school expulsion to stardom” is the subject behind a sprawling new feature in British GQ. The rapper was shadowed by Kathleen Johnston over a period of weeks.

Within the feature, Yugen talks about his journey within the music industry, working with Craig David and his new track, “Comfortable”. You can read an excerpt from the feature below, and the full article here.

“The first thing I notice about Yungen is how polite he is. We’re in Ibiza, finishing lunch at the plush villa he’s staying in, and no sooner is the table cleared than the 27-year-old rapper is in the kitchen, profusely thanking staff for the “delicious lunch”. A seemingly inconsequential detail, sure, but it’s this small insight that best captures the sense I get of Yungen throughout the day I spend with him and his team. He is, simply put, eminently likeable, with kind eyes and a vibe that’s at once excitably puppyish and yet reassuringly easy-going.”


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