Skream Profiled By Billboard


Open to Close champion, Skream has been profiled by American music giant, Billboard.

In the feature, Skream looks back on 15 years of making music, the trials, the tribulations and his decision to change directions midway through his career. He talks about his early days at Big Apple Records working for Hatcha and Artwork and goes on the explain the “dubstep is dead” headlines of 2014.

It’s an interesting and deeply entertaining look through the career of one of electronic music’s biggest characters. In a particularly memorable section he describes skipping school for months to make music on his Playstation:

“It’s all I wanted to do, all day every day, At one point, I hadn’t been at school for a month. The school rang and said ‘is Oliver ever coming back?’ I got in quite a bit of trouble, as you can imagine.”

You can read the feature in full here


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