Shana Bass releases new EP ‘Beautiful Chaos’


Sharna says of the EP, “Beautiful Chaos is a piece of art expressing struggles and highlights of the life of a young woman finding her way through independence.”

‘Beautiful Chaos’ is our introduction to the 22-year-old’s world, and one that’s highly personal. Staunchly private IRL, music is – as she puts it – “a diary for me,” and the record fearlessly tackles topics like heartbreak, jealousy and mental health head-on. “My experiences are literally my music,” she stresses, “you have to break them down to get the story.” As a self-taught pianist, Sharna produced the EP partly herself using Logic, also working with Ratchet (Skepta, Stormzy, J Hus). Sharna draws on sleek ‘90s R&B and tough-edged rap at its most current. She’s delivering her gravelly vocal that’s somehow both cheekily light and confrontational.

Sharna Bass is the realest UK R&B singer-songwriter out there right now. Reflecting a cross-pollination of sounds, from London-rooted rap to polished R&B. Sharna possesses the energy of a young Lauryn Hill, speaking the pain of modern female strife. No one from the UK is doing what Sharna Bass is doing at the moment. She is spinning true tales from her life experiences over hyper-current beats blended with her own piano lines. “I’m trying to not be a statistic from the hood,” she affirms. “I’m trying to get out of that and blossom into a boss ass bitch!”

Listen to the album by clicking here!