Rema’s Bad Commando Hyped By Pitchfork


Rema’s latest EP, Bad Commando, has been selected as essential listening by Pitchfork. You can read what Pitchfork had to say in full below and listen to the mixtape here.

“On Rema’s third EP of the year, Bad Commando, the 19-year-old Nigerian’s versatility continues to shine. “Lady” is lovestruck afropop; “Spaceship Jocelyn” features high-pitched crooning that could make Swae Lee jealous; “Rewind” is a funky ballad. But the standout of the four-track EP is “Bad Commando.” Rema’s best singles like “Dumebi” and “Iron Man” capture his youthful energy and elevate his soft melody. “Bad Commando” is the perfect vehicle for both, as he gets to flex his vocals over a smooth guitar and drums that sound made for after school dance circles. Rema doesn’t even have to say real words, he can surround his lyrics with hums. Any song on the EP could be his next hit, that’s the point of the dartboard approach, but “Bad Commando” is why so many have crowned Rema as Nigeria’s next star.”Pitchfork


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