Kurupt FM

It was a bittersweet moment this month when People Just Do Nothing aired its final episode on BBC TWO. We’ve loved following the ups and downs of Kurupt FM and its members over the course of five side-splitting series.

As the show winds up on TV, Grindah, Beats, Decoy, Steves, Phantasy and Chabuddy are moving on to bigger things. News that a full-length feature-film is in the works will keep the Kurupt FM massive happy, while those across the Atlantic can look forward to a Las Vegas set remake for the US audience.

As we say goodbye to the Kurupt FM gang on UK TV, they’ve put together a highlight reel of the funniest moments from all five series. What better way to say goodbye to 108.9 on your dial.


Watch the video highlights from Seasons 1 – 5 here.


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