RA Does Classic Review Of “Midnight Request Line”


As part of their new Rewind series, which takes a look at the iconic records from electronic music, Resident Advisor has reviewed Skream’s classic, “Midnight Request Line”.

The famously picky magazine has taken a look at the history of one of dubstep’s most popular anthems. An astonishing 16 years since the original release, the feature praises the simple individuality of the track which would put Skream, and dubstep on the map.

You can read an excerpt from the feature below, and read it in full here.


“After lunch on Christmas Day, 2003, once the rest of his family had passed out, a 17-year-old Oliver Jones, AKA Skream, went to his bedroom to smoke weed and make tunes. He fired up FruityLoops and began piecing together a grime track, a style he’d recently been experimenting with. He found a built-in arpeggiator and clicked a button that set it off. He added a bassline and some gunshot noises. “


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