Octavian’s Spaceman Has Blown Up the internet


Octavian’s new mixtape, Spaceman, only came out four days ago, but already glowing reviews are gushing in from across the internet.


Pitchfork described the work as:

“enormous in scope, and plays front to back like the ultimate hybrid mixtape. In its daring eclecticism, fusing delicate inner-thought with materialistic swagger, the music of Octavian achieves a galactic variety of scale. We are given the feeling of an epic journey while being invited to decipher the troubled psyche of hedonistic talent. The result is unsettling but addictive, and can’t be too far from the ultimate hybrid mixtape.”


Meanwhile The Quietus compared Spaceman to Drake’s Scorpion and found Drizzy wanting:

“His new mixtape, and the kind of vibe Drake wishes he could create. Since his emergence from the underground with last year’s pulsing, low-key banger ‘Party Here’, French-born, London-based rapper-producer Octavian has been touted as the next dominant force in the UK scene. And with his glossy sounds that seamlessly meld myriad dance and rap sub-genres from the UK and the US in both his flow and his polished beats, you can hear why”


The mixtape also garnered praise from Rolling Stone, Red Bull and Complex, with the latter stating; “Spaceman arrives like a Lightning Bolt”


Listen to the mixtape here


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