My Nu Leng Are Back With Latest EP, Junction.


My Nu Leng are back with latest EP, Junction.

After last year’s massive drum & bass drop, Portal, on Shogun Audio, My Nu Leng have delivered once again with Junction. Using their signature dynamic¬†production, Junctioncould be one of My Nu Leng’s most mature releases to date.

Talking about the release to the guys at 3000, Tommy and Jammo had this to say:

“This EP took a long time to finish, but that is due to wanting it to be as real as possible; although they’re all around the 130bpm mark, each track has influences from a lot of different UK underground scenes. We’ve always been influenced by rave culture – especially the drum and bass scene. We wanted to tap into that more on this EP and we think it really shows.


You can listen to all the tracks from Junction and read the interview in full here.


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