Ms Dynamite Pens Emotional Editorial For The Guardian


The esteemed singer reflects on what it means to accept her MBE as a Windrush descendent.


Ms Dynamite has been honoured by the Queen in her Birthday Honours List. Accepting the awards did not come easy to the singer, however. Writing in The Guardian, the Mercury Prize winner details her conflicted feelings towards the honour.

“My initial reaction was – no way. I had long-held, deep, negative feelings about empire, establishment, colonisation, the suffering it caused and the suffering that continues today.”

This is perhaps not surprising from an artist who has always been honest, outspoken and direct in her music. But as the article progresses, she reveals that her status a descendent of the Windrush Generation is what brought her round.

” I would accept the MBE – not because I want to be part of the establishment, or had suddenly stopped caring about the damaging legacy of empire and colonialism, or that it was suddenly all OK, but because I wanted to honour my grandparents, and all of their generation, and the extraordinary sacrifices they made.”

The piece is a heartfelt and emotional read, one which shines a light on the often-overlooked difficulties an artist can experience when their name is brought forward for awards.

You can read the article in full here.


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