Martelo Records Exclusive Mis For GOODHOOD




Martelo has recorded the 80th edition of GOODHOOD’s celebrated Good Vibes mixtape.

Goodhood described the mix as: “The 80th edition of Good Vibes comes as an exclusive, dizzying mix by DJ and NTS resident Martelo, providing a bass-heavy excursion of relentless house, 2-step garage, Miami bass & more…”⁣

Martelo, typically chill, advised listeners: “go and listen, stick it on in the car or whatever. Enjoy.⁣”

You can listen to the mix above and cop the tracklist below.


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DJ Dove – “Illusions”

Martelo – “Sho Nuff”

Brassfoot – “Quad By Quad”

Lone – “Young Star Cluster”

Four Tet – “Parallel Jallebi”

Björk – “I Miss You”

Unknown – “Unknown”

Chavinsky – “In The City”

Sneaker Pimps – “Spin Spin Sugar” (187 Lockdown Mix)

Dem 2 – “Desire”

Unknown – “Unknown”

N.B. Funky – “Riddim Box”

Unknown – “Unknown”

Brasstooth & Frances James – “Pleasure”

Unknown – Unknown

Scratchclart & Nan Kole – “Influenza”

Detroit’s Finest – “Stay Out My DM” (Instrumental)

Unknown – Unknown

Strategy – “Ragged”

Inkke – “Power Venom”

Dips & Lo-Wu – “Take Off” (Instrumental)

The Streets – “Has It Come To This?” (Kry Wolf Rework)