Marshmello’s Fortnite Concert Most Attended In History


Online shooter, Fortnite, hosted their first in-game concert last weekend and they hit up masked magician, Marshmello to do the honours. What was already a historic occasion has become even more important as attendee data has been released.

A staggering 10million players concurrently tuned into the 10-minute concert around the world. The number of players that tuned in for Marshmello’s set breaks records for the popular online game, far surpassing Fortnite’s previous concurrent player record of 8.3 million. This number does not include those who watched the performance by proxy on Twitch streams, or attended Marshmello’s encore show a few hours later.

The record for the biggest attended concerts in real life are held by Rod Stewart in Brazil in 1994 and Jean Michel Jarre in Moscow in 1997, which both drew 3.5 million people.

The concert is due to be repeated again this weekend.


You can watch the concert in full here.


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