Kurupt FM Profiled In The Guardian


The Guardian have featured the Kurupt FM in an extensive profile ahead of the fifth series of People Just Do Nothing.

Meeting the Hounslow massive in the backroom of an East London club, Guardian writer Sam Wollaston details the history of Kurt FM from YouTube stoners to BAFTA-winning TV Darlings.

Allan Mustafa, Steve Stamp Asim Chaudhry and Hugo Chegwin barely break character throughout the interview, touching on subjects such as blazing, wanking and Ukrainian erotic novels in between the retelling of their genuinely impressive rags to riches story.

People Just Do Nothing is due to air its fifth and final series later this month and have confirmed that they are working on a feature-length film. Outside of the show Kurupt FM are currently on their ‘Last Tour Ever (Probably)’ which will take in most UK cities including Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds, Bristol, Brighton and London.


You can read the interview in full here.



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