Kurupt FM Are Launching A Podcast


If you’ve been missing the Brenford massive since People Just Do Nothing wound up, then never fear for your favourite MCs are soon to be back on the airwaves. The six-episode run will drop on Audible this summer. The whole team (including Miche) will reassemble in a Brentford studio to cover topics as diverse as:

  • Technology (like decks and robots and that)
  • Relationships (how to chirpse basically)
  • The Supernatural (aliens and all that shit Steves is in to)
  • Fashion (through the ages, from loin clothes to tracksuits)
  • Survival (how to survive not only in the streets but in a park, for example)
  • Music (how music evolved and finally peaked with garage)

The announcement of the podcast came with a special Note from Chabuddy G which states:

“You can hear the Kurupt FM Podkast exclusively on the website of my business associates at Audible. And if you enjoy the sound of any of the goods and services you hear advertised on the Kurupt FM Podkast (in associated with Chabuddy G Enterprises) then please get in touch and I will provide top products at low prices. Please.¬†I need money.” Chabuddy G


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