Jax Jones Teams With Martin Solveig For Europa


The new club concept will be touring European festivals this summer.

Jax Jones is teaming up with Martin Solveig for a series of big festival shows this coming summer. According to the duo Europa is “club-focused pop music and pop-focused club music. Europa is friendship. Europa is a larger-than-life explosion of unexpected combinations, total freedom, unexpected twists, and bridges not walls. Europa is the phrase ‘stronger together’ brought to life in vivid colours.”

“We had this idea,” explains Solveig, “that it was possible to do something chic, using elements considered not chic.” For instance, Jax adds, “for the first-ever Europa session, Martin came in and played a song with a cheeky sax riff in it. He looked at me as if to say: ‘This is a bit taboo, but we could try it.’ And then I said: ‘Well if we’re doing that, how about TRANCE?” As that first session continued, both musicians felt themselves becoming more free and more daring. “Part of being in a partnership like Europa is knowing you’ve got someone to pat you on the back,” Jax says, “but the most important thing for me is that we started to experiment with things we’ve never been completely confident to do alone. When you’re together, you’re less shy.”

Look out for Europa coming to a main stage near you, soon!


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