IAMDDB, Hardy Caprio, Octavian, SL & Yungen Tipped By XXL


It’s clear that the UK rap scene is experiencing something of a golden era at the moment. New talent is emerging on an almost daily basis and some fantastic artists are coming into their own.

What was once a neglected area of the domestic music landscape is now one of the most exciting and promising breeding grounds for international stardom.

With that in mind US Rap bible, XXL, has decided to shine a light on 14 talents they see creating a buzz at home and who are set to make an impact much further abroad.



XXL said: “IAMDDB’s “Shade” had U.K. fans singing “Uber uber everywhere.” With an eclectic mix of genres she fits into her music including jazz, hip-hop and trap, her music is difficult to put into a box (unless that box is labelled “dope”). This has all been influenced by the heritage of her Portuguese mother and Angolan father. Although still on the rise, IAMDDB has had no shortage of music, releasing a number of EPs and projects including her debut Waeveybby, Vol. 1 in 2016 and more recently Flightmode Vol. 4.”


Hardy Caprio

XXL said: “Hardy Caprio’s success has moved at a fast pace over the last few years. His music meshes together genres like Afrobeat and hip-hop. Caprio began his career with the release of two 2017 EPs, Hardy Season and The Hollywood EP, but the noise about the rapper really begun when he released “Unsigned” and “Super Soaker.” Since then, Hardy Caprio has continued to provide tracks that have clocked millions in views on YouTube. Not just music-minded, the rapper recently graduated from London’s Brunel University with a degree in business accounting.”



XXL said: “Like many of today’s MCs, Yungen built his career on YouTube, initially releasing numerous tracks in 2010 and gathering a following. It was in 2014 that he put out an impressive project titled Project Black and Red, which recruited many established U.K. rappers including Wretch 32 and rap duo Krept and Konan. Yungen solidified his presence on the U.K. scene with the release of “Bestie” with Yung Bxne. But this wasn’t before he engaged in a feud with Chip, going back and forth with a series of diss tracks which showed off some of Yungen’s wit and more cutting side.”



XXL said: “Born in France, Octavian moved to London at a young age and gained a strong sense of ambition from attending the famous Brit School, where the late Amy Winehouse also once studied. Octavian released his mixtape 22 in 2016 and his Essie World EP the following year. Things really took off with the release of his track “Party Here”; Drake sung along to the track in an Instagram video.”



XXL said: “With a steady stream of underground hits, SL started to gain a stronger following with “Tropical” late last year. The young rapper seems to have also gained the backing on his fellow peers. Recently he stepped his game up with his recent track “Genes,” which includes rapper Chip.”


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