DJ Craze Talks The Future of DJing


Three-time DMC winning turntablist, DJ Craze, has been talking to DJ Mag about the future of DJing. Craze made waves recently when he announced that ‘the sync button is your friend’ – a very unusual opinion for a celebrated turntablist.

Throughout the piece Craze discusses how the old debates are becoming tired and that a brave new world of DJ technology is right around the corner. From streaming to the booth to AI recommendations, the world is changing and Craze believes this will only enhance the creative potential of the medium.

But before any vinyl purists get too upset, he did clarify that an appreciation of the art form is as important as ever:

“You have NO BUSINESS DJing if you can’t match two beats together, plain and simple. But DJing is not just about matching two beats together”DJ Craze


You can read the article in full here.


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