Binge Watch The Dillion Francis TV Show Now


DJ, producer and now actor, Dillon Francis has been hard at work creating his own TV project for Funny Or Die.

Like And Subscribe follows a group of Instagram influencers as they are locked into a house Big Brother style. In the show Dillon plays Skyy Goldwynne – Hollywood’s biggest manager, who has forgotten that he signed a bunch of influencers and now is struggling to decide what to do with them.

The synopsis for episode one reads: “Manager Skyy Goldwynne (Dillon Francis) realizes a few of his influencer clients have been causing trouble. He opts for the most simple solution.”

There are seven episodes in total, with each episode running to around 22 minutes. It’s an impressive first outing for Dillon, who has previously acted in What Would Diplo Do? the mockumentary from VICE.

You can watch every episode of Like And Subscribe here.


Announcing the release of the show today, Dillon took to Twitter declaring:

“If you have nothing to do tonight binge watch my TV show ok? Ok cool luv u”

The serial joker then upped the stakes even further, tweeting:

“Lemme add to this…If you do have something to do as well don’t fucking do it and watch the show ?

before clarifying how hard his team had worked on the project:

“Hey there beautiful internet! My friends and I worked really hard on this TV show and it would mean the world to me if you just check it out, RT it if you enjoy and spread it around.”


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