Booking team: Kazia Davy, Myles Jessop
Assisted by: Emanuele Grisafi
Tamaræbi lacks anything but passion and spends all day every day making music.

  • TAMARÆBI is a Pop, Soul and R&B singer songwriter who has made a strong impression in the music scene with his impeccable vocal range and charismatic performance. 
  • Born in Nigeria but raised in Nairobi and Leeds, Tamaraebi was brought up in culturally diverse household and was exposed to diverse music from gospel to 70’s & 80’s pop and northern soul music. 
  • Tamaræebi started singing and writing songs at the age of 5 but maintained a path in academia. 
  • As evident from his style, Tamaræbi looks to the likes of Nina Simone, Prince and Bob Dylan as influencers.
  • This newly signed artist restores a nostalgic sound of music’s golden age perfectly set in London’s latest release. Innocence is an introduction to what is to come as he is currently working on his first EP. 

Stream “Innocence” by Tamaraebi


Stream “Heavens Gate” by Tamaraebi