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In the decade since his debut release, Oliver Jones has proven himself one of the hardest working DJs in the world.



  • Skream has hit the upper echelons of the DJ world twice. First, as one of the pioneers of dubstep which he helped invent along with his mate Beni ‘Benga’ Adejumo when the pair were just 13, and which they rode all the way to global stardom – and then as a big dog house/techno/disco player.
  • As one of the UK’s best-loved selectors Skream has enjoyed the kind of consistency most DJs and producers can only dream of.
  • His passion for collecting and playing music is unrelenting; disco, house, techno and everything in between.. it runs deep into his core and he lives it every single day.
  • For the last few years Skream has been showcasing the depth of his musical knowledge at his ‘Open To Close’ parties, playing all night long at venues around the world; every step of the way he played at sold
    out clubs that were packed out with people who were there just for him.
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Live From DJMagHQ

Open To Close takes things right back to the beginning. Skream has pieced together a very personal itinerary, taking in some of his favourite clubs around Europe.