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Shoreline is the new wave, grab a poncho.

Orlando Wharton, Atlantic Records


  • Shoreline Mafia is a Hip Hop collective hailing from Los Angeles
  • First full length mixtape, “ShorelineDoThatShit”, dropped in November 2017 and blew up across all streaming platforms
  • Signed to Atlantic Records in 2018
  • Over 17 Million views for their “Musty” video
  • The collective went viral after being featured on Fox News, which made them an instant household name
  • Hitting 10 major US cities on their “Off The Xtras” Tour, and will be playing at Hip Hop Zije Festival in Bratislava this summer
Atlantic Records is brimming with confidence after securing their deal with Shoreline Mafia.

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Shoreline Mafia

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Shoreline Mafia
Nun Major

This isn't just rap, this is a movement . Shoreline make music for people to have fun to - to turn up and enjoy life.

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Shoreline Mafia
Bottle Service

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Shoreline Mafia
OTX Tour Video

After making waves with "Musty" and "Bottle Service", Shoreline Mafia have poised themselves to be one of LA's next big act to make it out of California.

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