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I’ve always tried to live in the moment you know, at whatever age and however the situation, I’ve just aimed to be true to myself and make the most if it. I started really young, growing up as a teenager in and around Bristol in the 90’s. Creating music



  • The artist formerly known as Clipz, refocussed and embracing a love for House, Techno, Hip Hop and vocal-lead dance music whilst channelling all the knowledge and inspiration from Jungle, DnB and bass music, this is a whole new genre-free ‘cross-cultured dance music’.
  • “When I came with the first Redlight ‘Lobster Boy’ EP, I started to meet some key new people in my life that definitely inspired me. People like Toddla, Skream, Joker – and the guys behind Motion in Bristol where we were all playing at the time. All of us came from different parts of the UK and no one was conforming, we were making our own styles of music that worked for a whole spectrum of others. It was all about independence and doing it for yourself – but everyone shared their music, ideas and released on each other’s labels. It wasn’t just a new name and a new music tempo for me, that time made me realise a whole new way of operating, being creative and working with people.”
  • Fast-forward to now and Redlight can confidently be placed amongst the UK’s most consistent and exciting producers of recent years. There’s been a slew of stand out releases via his own Lobster Boy label, a UK Top 10 hit in ‘Lost In Your Love’ via Polydor Records, remixes for the likes of Cee Lo Green, Tink and Ms Dynamite, and even a recent single with legendary Wu-Tang Clan founding member Raekwon on the ’36 EP’.
  • There’s been numerous world tours as a DJ, with an on going 52 week international schedule of shows to perform, Redlight tells us, “There’s very few things that match the buzz of DJing for me, I’ve always loved it.”
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Lost in Your Love

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Me & You

The so-called ‘post-dubstep’ era, an exciting time, the merging various forms of bass-driven music. Emerging in 209, Redlight, has outlived the label — and indeed any others but never abandoned the restless, constantly morphing attitude that inspired it

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