Booking team: Hannah Shogbola
Assisted by: Benito Apollonio


  • Preditah’s breakthrough track was ‘The Big Wok’ which was noticed by JME (Boy Better Know). Once he started screaming his name it wasn’t long until the rest of the Grime scene and beyond witnessed just how talented Preditah is.

  • With Five instrumental EPs under his belt (Solitaire EP, Eightsome EP, Circles EP, Red Bull EP & Gears of Grime EP) and a tone of remix work, it is quite impossible to listen to the radio or go out clubbing without hearing one of his tracks blazing through the airwaves or tearing down a dance-floor!

  • As well as producing music, Preditah also regularly DJ’s up and down the UK and Europe, showing clubs and promotors that he is just as good a DJ as he is a music composer.
  • He was also responsible for the 2017 smash ‘On My Mind’ with Jorja Smith which featured on her debut album ‘Lost & Found.

  • Preditah is at the forefront of the new generation of producers/DJs emerging from the UK and has been for the last few years. His production style is exciting and creative. 

Preditah’s vested heritage within grime is duly noted. Yet his motley sonic pallet shows greater breadth than your archetypal selectors

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