Piero Pirupa

Booking team: Jack Clark, Ishsha Bourguet
Assisted by: Ewan Jenkins
Piero Pirupa has been on a huge succession which stretches much further than his home in Italy, and he is a figure respected worldwide in dance music.

Electric Vibes


  • One of Italy’s most accomplished exports, Piero Pirupa’s stock is one that continues to rise.  
  • Accentuating himself as a stand-out commodity, a far-reaching appeal paired with a distinctive taste in rolling tech house makes him one of the more formidable forces in dance music right now.


  • Consistently creative and relentless in his approach, Piero’s separation from an over-saturated tech house pool is no coincidence.
  • Piero’s more recent discography has seen him notch up a slew of Beatport Top 10 successes including ‘Our Sound’ with Leon on elrow Music, ‘Wanaka’ on Sola and more.
Featured Track

Piero Pirupa

Featured Track

Piero Pirupa & Alex Kennon
Vision EP

Piero Pirupa is cementing his reputation as one of the scene's busiest and most versatile producers.

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