Booking team: Myles Jessop & Kingsley Williams
Assisted by: Milly Lupton
I want to show people that I’m more versatile, so expect some tracks you wouldn’t normally hear me on!



His debut EP ‘M I S T To The T’ propelled him from the underground to wider attention in 2016. He then infiltrated the charts less than eighteen months later when ‘Diamond In The Dirt’ fired to #4. A MOBO Award, together with ever-growing headline shows and a list of major festivals (1Xtra Live, Glastonbury, Reading and Leeds), also propelled his profile to new heights. Now he’s an artist whose five biggest tracks have accumulated over 100 million streams.

Its most popular tracks, ‘Ain’t The Same’ and ‘Karlas Back’, were both produced by Steel Banglez and the pair still share a creative connection. The reason, says MIST, is simple: Banglez encourages him to be involved in creating the beat, which makes for a chemistry that doesn’t happen with more dictatorial producers.

MIST’s reputation continued to soar with the singles ‘Hot Property’ and ‘Game Changer’ before the ‘Diamond In The Dirt’ EP elevated him once more. By adding a throwback West Coast element to his sound and calling on an enviable list of features (MoStack, Not3S, Nines and more), MIST stayed a step ahead of the competition without compromising his identity. And ‘Wish Me Well’, featuring Jessie Ware, demonstrated his ability to delivery crossover tracks too.

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So High (feat. Fredo)

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Sidhu Moose Wala x MIST x Steel Banglez x Stefflon Don