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Assisted by: Benito Apollonio
Lil Silva’s musical influence and focus still remains: an unabashed amalgamation of the minimal machine funk of Chicago’s 'Trax' label, the aggression of early grime, a tropical resonance with soca, a semblance with the rugged darkness of modern techno



  • A compulsive music maker who often averages 80 tracks a week, Lil Silva is the producer from Bedford who started out working with the iconic early grime crew Macabre Unit, progressed to collaborating with kindred spirit Sampha, shaping the dusky breakout sound of BANKS and entering 2016 having co-produced a track for Adele with Mark Ronson (‘Lay Me Down’).
  • The underground machine-funk of 2008 white label ‘Seasons/ Funky Flex’, the swerving, rude and rugged Night Skanker EP for Night Slugs and the weighty blended bass of ‘Mask’ from 2013’s much-loved Distance EP are established as huge moment-defining club tracks and mix favourites.
  • As well as the new 6 track EP he is using his own LS white label for a collaborative special project vinyl release designed by Virgil Abloh of Off-White
  • 2014’s Mabel EP, recorded and finished between studios at his home in Bedford, London and Los Angeles, highlighted his exciting, ongoing transformation, before returning to his roots for Drumatic, a 3-track release aimed strictly for club play.
  • Lil Silva’s new EP, JIMI (Journey Inside My Imagination), sees him exploring love and meaning in his unique hybrid UK production idiom. Modulating through textures, in a meditative state of mind, traveling his inner visions and memories. Silva’s vocals are weaved through tracks ‘The Play’, ‘Lines’ and ‘Struggle’ while newcomer Cosima contributes to the spine-tingling ‘Caught Up’ and Los Angeleno singer Kent blesses the epic night time soul of ‘De Ja’.
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