Hannah Wants

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House guru Hannah Wants has validated herself as a world renowned DJ with some serious credentials.



  • Nourishing her addiction to music the Birmingham (UK) born DJ dedicated the summer of 2010 to Ibiza. Following a number of competition wins, an unexpected headline opportunity at Es Paradis and an invitation to run her own weekly night at Viva, it was there on the white isle that Hannah really started to make a name for herself.
  • Hannah set the bar high early, becoming a promising footballer who played for England and Aston Villa’s youth teams
  • Championing music that is true to herself, Wants further constituted herself as one of the biggest names in dance music with her 2015 Radio 1 Residency, her exponentially popular bi-monthly mixtape series and consistent music productions.
  • She learned to DJ when she was 16 on a pair of Numark belt drive turntables. She set the decks up in her bedroom, locked the door and just taught herself
  • Since cutting her teeth during her first season in Ibiza in 2010, she’s quickly risen to the top tier of the UK’s house music scene
  • Hannah’s main aim is to build a solid yet unique reputation for her live DJ sets and after a record amount of sell out events over the last twelve months she has dramatically risen from self-taught DJ to an unquestionable worldwide name on the house and bass music scene.
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Hannah Wants
Bassline & Speed Garage Classics (Live from Birmingham Pride)

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Hannah Wants
You Keep Coming

Arguably Birmingham's biggest dance music export