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It’s this unwillingness to compromise the truth that makes Hak so likeable and allows his music to resonate so effortlessly

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  • They say our home defines us. Singer-songwriter Hak Baker’s was in Isle of Dogs in East London, a place that still permeates his music.
  • After winning a singing competition in primary school, Hak claims he was tricked into joining a choir, a move which may well have helped to unearth his rare vocal talent. But it was also here he first encountered true diversity, engaging through music with kids from all backgrounds and falling in love with the chaotic yet beautiful multiplicity of the city he called home.
  • It was in the streets that his true musical journey began: His love of rock and indie merged with grime and garage, all explored through the lens of teenage mischief. At only 14, his grime collective Bomb Squad peaked in the Channel U video charts with their eponymous debut, cementing Hak’s cult status in the London grime scene.
  • Hak has moved from strength to strength, recording music, playing international shows and being named ‘Best singer-songwriter’ as part of Capital Xtra’s Music Potential Programme.
  • His musical inspirations mostly consist of classic storytellers like Damien Marley, Skinshape and Massive Attack, artists who paired simple and soft melodies with tales of city life, doomed romance, and solitude.
  • Now preparing for his debut single and EP as well as his first headline show in London, Hak’s future is bright. From a turbulent background has emerged a graceful and deeply adept artist, whose combination of a pared-back folk sound with raw vocal performance and quick-witted East London lyricism is truly unique.
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Hak Baker

Featured Video

Hak Baker

His love of rock, folk and indie merged with grime and garage, all explored through the lens of teenage mischief is a truly refreshing and original sound