Elvin Zedo

Booking team: Ishsha Bourguet, Hannah Shogbola
Assisted by: Ewan Jenkins, Benito Apollonio
Undoubtedly one of the most technically-gifted DJs to ever grace Boiler Room.

Boiler Room.


  • Working under the¬†alias, Elvin Zedo will focus on house and techno


  • Elvin Zedo was created behind the scenes during 2004, with the aim of continue mixing House and Techno


  • Elvin Zedo’s unique style in House and Techno has evolved naturally, using the vast collection of vinyl and digital tracks he has built up throughout his career, and it excites him to revisit these sounds.


  • Elvin Zedo brings a wide assortment of current House and Techno along with tracks from the yesteryear which will take you on an audio journey powered by amazing technical mixing ability and precision.


  • It is Zedo’s endless hunger, drive, desire and resilience that has seen him adapt through decades of music to make this a midpoint of his career, with many years ahead of him as he continues to innovate within the music industry