Booking team: Ishsha Bourguet & Elene Du Toit
Assisted by: Ewan Jenkins & Sasha Alabi
DJEFF has become a renowned Dj in the Portuguese and Angolan scene

Electronic Groove


  • Being exposed to acts like Europe, Michael Bolton, Bryan Adams, and many others, but living in an African heritage house also meant a close connection to the African roots with bands and musicians such as Kassav, Tabanka Jazz, Livity, Grace Evora, Eduardo Paim, among others.
  • In 2010 DJEFF debuts his first release entitled “Canjika” – in collaboration with DJ Silyviis. This released through Pandora Records.
  • On school parties and in family parties DJEFF practised his skills and in 2002 he has the opportunity to learn from a more experienced DJ. Since then DJEFF has not looked back. 
  • In 2018, DJEFF Labyrinth, which rises to number 1 Traxsource. this led to an exclusive mix for the online music store as well as an Instagram takeover for a full weekend.
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