D Double E

Booking team: Ishsha Bourguet
Assisted by: Ewan Jenkins
As one of grime's pre-eminent MCs, D Double E helped pioneer an entire culture.



  • D Double E is the emcee’s MC. Among his peers and grime fans he comfortably sits as one of the top 3 selected mic controllers of all time.


  • An English language scholar from the grime school of hard knocks, DEE’s spent the last fifteen years reviving the art of skillful word play.
  • Hailing from Forest Gate, east London, DEE’s no newcomer to the stage, magazines or road. Accompany him on a walk down his local high street and you’ll hear calls of his signature “Oooh-er ooher-er, it’s me, me,” being relayed from his wide-spanning supporter base. A long time favourite with bloggers, you’ll be pushed to find a style magazine that’s not backed him either, his trusty Moschino get up garnering pages in i-D long before most had MySpace.
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D Double E
D Double E - Where Do We Come From? | A COLORS SHOW

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D Double E
Lyrical Hypnosis

This LP is jam-packed with everything you want from D Double with this album representing the past and present, acting like a portfolio for his entire career.

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