Busy Signal

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Since the release of his debut single, 2005's "Step Out.", Signal has stretched his sonic abilities to include roots-reggae, soca, EDM, pop, reggaeton, Afrobeats and trap.



  • A master lyricist and bold innovator, Busy Signal is one of dancehall music’s definitive voices.
  • Born Reanno Gordon, Busy Signal has carved a unique lane within Jamaica’s dense musical sphere, blending dancehall and reggae with hip-hop, EDM, afrobeats, soca, salsa and other sounds to create bashment anthems and transcendent global hits. 
  • He first burst on the dancehall scene in the early 2000s as part of Bounty Killer’s Alliance crew, establishing himself as a major force in the genre with his breakthrough hit “Step Out” in 2005.
  • An album by the same name followed on the iconic U.K. reggae label Greensleeves Records a year later, including additional hits like “Badman Place,”. Since then, Busy Signal has consistently released ground breaking anthems.
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Busy Signal (feat. Afro B)

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Busy Signal
Got To Tell You

Some artist's struggle to cross genres, but not Busy Signal, who has made a career out of making crossing over look easy.

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