Brockie & Det

Booking team: Obi Asika, Jamie Waldman
Assisted by: Cam Wheeler
Brockie has been a known name and a DJ in the scene since 1988, representing in the jungle since day one. He formed a DJ MC partnership with MC DET who still to this day are going strong as a well known jungle duo.

Pure Old Skool


  • Brockie is one of the founding fathers of jungle music
  • In 1991 he teamed up with friends to establish the infamous Kool FM 94.5 – the best and longest standing drum & bass radio station in the world to date
  • In 1988 Brockie Kicked off his record label Undiluted with his smasher “Represent”
  • After the successful release of Represent Brockie when on to release a seriese of tracks that has a distinctive Brockie Sound with the Help of Ed Solo as his engineer the pair wet on to release some serious drum and bass tunes.
  • In recent times, as owner of Undiluted and co-owner of Octave Recordings with Profile, Brockie has been instrumental in bringing through new talent, such as Turno, Nu Elementz and Sub Killaz
  • Brockie and Mc Det have won many awards over the years, recently won Best Jungle Show at The Jungle Awards.
  • MC DET is one of the uks leading jungle/drum and bass mcs,
    Involved with the rave scene for over 20 years.
  • MC DET has worked with many rave promotions over the years, producing his first album. OUT OF DET. In 1996 for SOUR
  • MC DET was also lead vocalist in the band RED SNAPPER and produced two albums. MAKING BONES in 2005
  • MC DET has won many awards from past to present Including
    FUTURE MUSIC award in 1997, DRUM AND BASS award in 2005 And WE LOVE JUNGLE award in 2016.
  • Has worked with DJ BROCKIE for over 20 years on Kool London/ Kool fm
    Also RADIO 1 for 3 three years


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Brockie & Det
BBC Radio One In The Jungle - Brockie & MC Det (24/08/95)