Booking team: Myles Jessop, Kingsley Williams
Assisted by: Milly Lupton
Occupying [one of] the elder statesman role in UK rap has always been tricky [..]. For Blade Brown, a continued focus on high quality and timely drops will see him here for at least a good few season.


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Blade Brown
12 Summers

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Blade Brown ft. Tiggs Da Author
Drug Dealer

  • Blade Brown, dubbed by the streets and publications such as XXL and Complex as ‘the king of UK trap’, is seen amongst peers and fans as a British Rap God and mixtape veteran.
  • Having been compared to the likes of street poets like Gucci Mane and Young Jeezy, it’s safe to say this rapper is in great company.
  • “My life is what I write. I rap about real shit and that’s what keeps me in my own lane. I love this, and that’s why I tell my story.” – Blade Brown
  • Blade delivers the first cut from his forthcoming project, Bags & Boxes 4, after taking a few years away from music to live his best life, and is now ready to decorate road rap’s table with those really-lived experiences—a table often littered with fairy-tales.