67 Give State-of-the-Union Interview In NME


Brixton Hill-based six-piece 67, have given an illuminating interview to NME about UK Drill music in 2018. Members Liques, Monkey, Dimzy, ASAP and LD came into the NME office to tell the world how drill music has changed their lives and how they find more support from European countries than their own.

UK Drill has been the target of a number of measures by the Government in recent months, most famously drill crew 1011 have been banned from making music unless given express prior permission from the police. Drill also hit headlines when YouTube, under duress from the police, removed 30 Drill music videos from their platform.

67 were talking to the NME to dispell some of the myths around their music, with LD stating “I’m a rapper. I do what rappers do. I say things, and I exaggerate things. A rapper will tell you he owns 10 cars – he doesn’t own 10 cars.”

But it was Dimzy who most eloquently defended the genre, stating:

“Drill music has positively changed my life in so many ways,” he writes. “I can now pay bills & set up direct debits which builds my credit score so I can go on to have a mortgage and be self-sufficient. I can contribute financially to help my family financially.”


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